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High resolution lenses for machine vision -- standard and custom lens design 



Fiber Optics Used In Medical Field

High Resolution Lenses for machine vision, instrumentation, inspection and vibration-sensitive applications. Standard and custom hi-res lens assemblies.

custom lens design

Fiber optics is rapidly becoming the single more important technology in the medical arena. In our daily lives we use fiber optic technology to wirelessly operate our gadgets via satellite; medical professionals for diagnosing and treating myriad diseases also use fiber optics. These thin, flexible strands can be medically inserted into the arteries, blood vessels and other areas of the human body.

High-specialized fiber optic instruments allow physicians to view and work on delicate organs. The fiber optic strands are constructed of infrared glass or with hollow crystalline fibers equipped with ultra violet transmitting fibers that work to offer doctors precise radiometric measurements of temperature and chemical sensing. The use of fiber optics provides doctors the ability to deliver UV and IR laser power for the destruction and removal of diseased tissues, the devices used are called arthroscopes or endoscopes.

The endoscopes contain two fiber optic sections inside a long tube; one of the sections provides the focusing light and the other transmits light to the doctor providing him a detailed image of the area under view. Endoscopes are used to examine hearts, the colon, lungs, shoulders and knees. Arthroscopes are built with straight tubes, lenses and fiber optics contained within a space 1/12 of an inch or smaller. This scope is used by doctors to examine joints and like the endoscope can be inserted through a tiny incision.

In addition to allowing doctors to view the internal organs of a patient in a low level invasive manner the fiber optic devices can perform surgical repairs. Because these procedures are minimally invasive, patients experience less discomfort and quicker healing times as the tool also cauterizes the wound with laser light as it performs its tasks.

Fiber optics and laser technologies are continually being developed and enhanced for use in the medical field.


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